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Water Storage Solutions: Ensuring Uninterrupted Water Supply and Quality

In an increasingly uncertain world, having a reliable and uninterrupted water supply is crucial for every household. Municipal water backup and filtration systems provide a cost-effective solution to address water cuts, low pressure, and concerns about water quality. In this article, we will explore the benefits, components, installation, maintenance, and filtration options of municipal backup...

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It is Essential to Get the Job Done Right

Simple is not necessarily easy. This is the case with installing a Rainwater Harvesting System, Greywater Recycling System, Pool Backwash Saver and Municipal Water Backup System. There are relatively few components involved, especially for a basic system, just a water tank, a few pipes and some fittings. For a more involved system, there is a...

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Maintaining your Rainwater Harvesting System

Whether your rainwater collection system is a single tank system for collecting water for the garden and non-potable uses, or a full scale municipal switch-over system that is connected to a filtration system and provides filtered water to your home or business, one thing is certain – a Rainwater Harvesting System needs to be maintained....

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A national crisis is coming to your neighbourhood soon, are you prepared?

The scouts have a motto "Be Prepared". The knee-jerk reaction that was given in response to this statement issued by Sir Robert Baden-Powell was the obvious "Prepared for what?". A good question and the original scoutmaster would respond by stating "Why, for any old thing." Thus ushering in a time of change for the average...

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Rainwater Harvesting: Save Every Drop

Are you ready for Rainwater Harvesting? What you Need to DoMidrand, Johannesburg, is one of the few areas in South Africa that receives the larger part of its rainfall during summer – November, December and January. Now is the time to prepare your Rainwater Harvesting System by cleaning roofs and gutters and making sure your...

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