LIVING GREEN is a global responsibility, and Green Overall was founded in 2009 with the future of water in mind. We can not save the world single-handedly, but we can do our bit by helping you do yours. We are passionate about our ecosystems and set high standards for ourselves. Doing so means we provide green solutions through quality products, accurate consultation, and efficient services. By combining forces with you, we reach our goal of creating an eco-friendly environment.

One of our most important goals is to consistently deliver quality products and services to our clients on an equal platform. This means we have to ensure that our items are quality products that will be suitable for your purpose, meets standards, is strong and will be safe to use. The same amount of effort we put into the quality of our products, we put into the quality of our service. It takes dedication, commitment, and discipline – all part of a recipe that makes Green Overall successful.

Water Tanks

Stored rain water may be used for watering gardens, agriculture, flushing toilets, for washing machines, both laundry and dishwashing, washing cars, and also for drinking, especially when other water supplies are unavailable, expensive, or of poor quality, and that adequate care is taken that the water is not contaminated or the water is adequately filtered.

Pool Backwash Water Saver

Every backwash of two to three minutes will use between 200 and 900 litres of water. Stop wasting your pool backwash water. Our Pool Backwash System receives the water normally thrown away from a pool’s filter backwash process. The system processes this dirty water and within 24 hours the water can be safely returned to the pool.

Rainwater Harvesting

Harvest Rainwater for your family or business and use for bathing, showering, toilet flushing, pool, laundry and irrigation. Save up to 90% of your water bill, simply by collecting and using water harvested during the rainy season and using this water in your whole household every time you open a tap, flush the toilet, or use the washing machine, or any other use of water.

Water Filtration Systems

High-quality cost-effective water purification products. Rainwater Systems can incorporate up to three sources of water - municipal, rainwater and borehole - automatically switching between them. Water Purifiers, Purification Systems, Components & Accessories. Clean healthy purified water for your family and business.

Greywater Systems

Water from baths, showers, hand basins and clothes washing machines or the laundry. A bath uses 120 litres and a shower 80 litres of water. When used, that water is called grey water. You pay for it, and then it all goes down the drain. You can use this grey water to immediately irrigate your garden, saving you a substantial portion of your water bill.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is reducing energy consumption through using less of an energy service and results in increased environmental quality, higher savings and it lowers energy costs by preventing future resource depletion. Solar Pumps, PV Power Systems, Solar Geysers, Heat Pumps and UPS Systems.

Customer Reviews

Green Overall is an outstanding company that operates with great integrity. They offer real solutions to our water scarcity and drought problems, with rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, and pure water filtration. It is easy to recommend them.

Anita Timewell

Dis net te heerlik om 'n kraan oop te draai en reenwater vloei uit. Jy het ook goed opgevolg toe ons nog in die begin gesukkel het en gratis water meter ingesit. Ons geniet die nuwe manier van water gebruik baie!

Susan Botha

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