A future solution for our power and water crisis

A national crisis is coming to your neighbourhood soon, are you prepared?

The scouts have a motto "Be Prepared". The knee-jerk reaction that was given in response to this statement issued by Sir Robert Baden-Powell was the obvious "Prepared for what?".

A good question and the original scoutmaster would respond by stating "Why, for any old thing." Thus ushering in a time of change for the average boy who was taught that to Be Prepared means that you always have to be in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty.

So what is our duty?

Staying with the scouts, they were taught to be able to meet any challenges that were presented to them with a strong heart and through their actions inspire confidence, bring joy to others and be an example of a strong leader.

So by taking the scout's example our duty would be to meet a current challenge and through our actions help others and create an environment that not only benefits you but helps others too.

What are our current challenges?

Given the state of the nation, we are on the brink of a power crisis and water crisis - so this would be a logical place to begin since water is a basic human right and our economy requires power on which to run. Without either civilisation, as we know it grinds to a halt. If we can solve the water and power issue we can start solving the other challenges, such as pollution, disease, food shortages, unemployment...

Good scouts were never found wanting, complaining and hanging around for someone else to do the work for them. They jumped into the gap and by working together the problem was solved, the obstacle was surmounted, and the lasting solution was conceived and put into action.

By taking a leaf out of their book, we can also create a better world for ourselves and others by taking the initiative and helping solve the problem.

The solution to our power and water crisis is readily available through solar power, rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling. The systems are modular and can be extended to provide more power or store more water as required. With a water filtration system, you have the assurance of clean water. With a pump connecting to an irrigation system, you can have a well-watered veggie garden, providing food for your household or business.

Start converting to using sustainable power and water

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