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The beginning of the power wars? Are you going to be collateral damage?

Sci-fi books typically run on the theme of a large unwieldy power that is a dominant force, feared by most and operates as a law to itself. Enter the underdog that challenges the status quo and changes history.

Are we witnessing the beginning of a national power war? Eskom and the Government against the people and business? The dystopian theme seems to be spilling out of the pages of the sci-fi books and into our reality.

Eskom has been ploughing deeper into debt, burying itself under a seemingly impossible sum, at the same time the maintenance and necessary upgrades have been scaled down. Leaving the power giant, and the nation with an uncertain future.
Enter the plot twist, as the Government wades into the fray. In Tshwane, the outstanding water and power debts are being collected with unprecedented brutality. Police stations plunged into the dark and water cut off, NPO's, shopping malls and churches are not being spared as the screws are tightened with an almost mob-style fashion to force immediate payment. The households and private residences are also on the hit-list as the police escort plumbers and electricians through Tshwane Metro to install pre-paid meters and to cut non-payment offenders off at the source.

While we agree that it is wrong to continue to use power and water without paying for the service, the method currently employed to secure payment does not bode well for the future of grid-tied users.

So where is the protagonist in this story? The plucky hero that challenges the narrative and turns the tide of the story?
The future of this story lies with you. We can support the current situation and expect more load-shedding and increasing costs. Then there are the added inconveniences as petrol stations, churches, police stations, shopping malls, government departments and private estates are affected by this new wave of aggressive revenue collection.

Time to secure your own grid and cut ties with the current supply. By going off-grid with your power and water you will be protecting your future. Free from load-shedding and water supply issues, and saving on your monthly power are water costs. Solar power is becoming more cost-effective and given the current state of affairs, we should be switching to alternative power and water sources.

Start Powering Your Own Grid

Break free from load-shedding, power outages and costly utility bills.
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