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Do you know how much water you waste at home?

The average household uses over 100 liters of water per day for cooking, laundry, bathing and drinking. If you keep a veggie garden, have a swimming pool or like your lawn green, your water consumption will be much higher. By simply switching over to a greywater recycling system you can reuse most of your household 'waste' water and save on your municipal bill.

Water conservation starts at home
There are many ways to save water in and around your home and although effective, those methods encourage people to be accountable for every drop that comes out of the tap. However, more often than not, water saving tips tell you to use water carefully and where you can save water, but hardly ever includes tips on how to reuse second-hand water. If every person is able to reuse water, can you imagine the amount of water we will save?

What is Greywater Harvesting?
If ever there was a great way to give new purpose to second-hand water, then this is it. Greywater is water that was used for hygienic or cleaning purposes like brushing teeth, showering, laundry, etc. It contains small amounts of chemicals and although not fit for consumption, can be used in separate areas in and around your home. The re-purposed water can then be used for flushing your toilet and the irrigation of your garden. Greywater Harvesting Systems are affordable, easy to maintain and nearly effortless to install.

How does Greywater Harvesting Systems help Water Conservation?
By reusing water in areas where the most water is lost, we can reduce the pressure on the mainline water supply – reducing the amount of water that flows from taps. By limiting the amount of water we use in and around our home, we contribute to the sustainability and conservation of this scarce and valuable resource and will ultimately save water and allow it to be used where it is needed most.

Go green and start recycling your water, and you will become part of the effort to help save the water resources of this planet.

Water is a scarce resource

Start SAVING WATER with a Greywater Harvesting System
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